Have you ever thought about the situation of science in Ghana, Pakistan or Lebanon?

Referring to the event “March of Science”, we talked to three Master’s students at German universities. They come from countries in which freedom of thought, including freedom of science, is not as customary as it is in Germany. In three episodes, we discuss various topics and important differences between their home countries and Germany. The first podcast asks what “Freedom of Science” means to you.

All topics:

  1. Freedom of Science
  2. Differences in comparison to Europe and Germany
  3. A view to the future

In our episodes we talk to:

Farhan Ahmad from Pakistan: Master’s student in Environmental Governance at the University of Freiburg

Diana Maarouf from Lebanon: Master’s student in civil engineering and infrastructure at the University of Stuttgart

Paa Kwesi Wolseley Prah from Ghana: Master’s student in Democratic Governance and Political Science at Osnabrück University