Degree completed. So what’s next?

DAAD alumni tell of their return home

Young professionals from all over the world come to Germany to study in the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses. Back home, they work in a wide variety of fields and support change in their countries. The Millennium Express introduces three of them to you. In short videos, they not only tell their stories but also provide numerous tips for those returning home in the future!

Augustine Magolowondo from Malawi
Augustine Magolowondo studied Development Management at Ruhr University Bochum. Now back in Malawi, he works for the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy. Returning home wasn`t that hard for him, but he does face challenges. In the interview, Augustine Magolowondo tells you what to keep in mind for a successful return.

* Note: The DAAD offers various trans-regional funding mechanisms such as third-country and sur place scholarship programmes.

Volha Dasishevich from Belarus
Volha Danishevich works in Belarus in an EU-funded project supporting the independent media there. Before that, she studied International Media Studies in Germany. Earning her master’s degree enabled her to gain the knowledge she needed for her new job at a higher level. In the video she tells you more about her story and why it is important to stay in touch with your home country while you are abroad.