Simply a new life
In our new Podcast the researcher Mohi Mahmoud talks about the importance of  intercultural seminars at universities. He came to Germany as a DAAD scholarship holder and studied at the Institut of regional and urban science, situated at the Karslruhe Institut of Technology.
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Ecology connects
A cooperation between two EPOS degree courses “Tropical Forestry” and Hydro Science & Engineering” at TU Dresden enables new and unusual insights for students and university instructors.
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From Idea to Workshop
Staying in touch, making new contacts, exchanging know-how: these are the goals of DAAD alumna Elizabeth Mosqueda, who organised the first workshop on energy and environmental management in Mexico. The DAAD supported the meeting of Latin American alumni.
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Dealing with Natural Hazards
Drought, storm, flooding: natural hazards and their impact on human security are the focus of the Master’s programme “Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security”. The programme has been part of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses since 2017. The DAAD awards up to eight full scholarships to students from developing countries each year.
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30 Years of Development-Related Postgraduate Courses – Looking Back, Forward and Inward
Filling Key Positions
Tania E.Romero has two primary interests. She wants to preserve Panama’s natural resources and establish the topic ecology in her home country. At the University of Bremen, the DAAD alumna studied International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology (ISATEC).
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