“The postgraduate course changed my life completely!”

From 1994 to 1996 Nguyen Thu Anh participated in the Master’s course in Resources Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. After returning to Vietnam, Nguyen Thu Anh first worked as an adviser and project manager in various areas of the water sector. She is now a successful freelance adviser.

Thu AnhLooking back: What do you think of the programme?

“It was a challenging and comprehensive programme. We had to study hard and we learned a lot. Many thanks to the DAAD for having given me the chance to attend the programme in Resource Engineering. It has totally changed my life in a positive way. With the improved capacity and skills, I can work more efficiently and self-confidently in any situation, whether at work or in my daily life. The selection process of candidates for the DAAD programmes is transparent and competitive, and this is what makes the DAAD and its programme so prestigious.”

What made you decide to get your degree in Germany?

“The desire to widen my knowledge not only professionally but also socially and culturally. A number of things impressed me about Germany and have had an influence on me since, like the working method, the ideas and thinking of the German people, Germany’s health care system, its transportation system, and the environmental and cultural preservation of national heritage.”

As a former graduate and DAAD scholarship holder: Where do you see potential for further development?

“In my opinion, it is important to promote the DAAD programmes more strongly, especially in the media, such as TV or newspapers. In Vietnam, especially in the water development sector, chances should be given not only to people working in universities and government institutions but to engineers at consultant companies as well. I say this because these engineers are the people who directly apply new technologies, putting them into practice. Many decision-makers also come from those kinds of companies.”

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