Workshop by and for students

Sharing experiences and networking: these are the goals of the workshops organised by students and alumni of the postgraduate programmes. This time the topic is “Sustainability and Renewable Resources” from April 10 – 12 at the University of Oldenburg.

The workshop organisers at work © Private

The workshop organisers at work © Private

People all over the world are searching for solutions to the overexploitation of the earth, and looking for ways to use its resources more responsibly. Sustainability and renewable energy are the key concepts. “We want to share our expertise and learn more from each other about these topics,” explains Karum Yarlagadda, the main initiator of the workshops, who hails from India and is currently enrolled in the Postgraduate Programme in Renewable Energy (PPRE).
His fellow-student and DAAD scholarship holder Rabiul Islam is also part of the organisational team. “In this workshop, we would like to bring students and experts together who have specialised in resource- and environmental management and sustainability,” says Islam. The orga team also includes students in the “Sustainability Economics and Management” Master’s programme.

Organisers of the first sustainability workshop in Oldenburg in 2014 are providing the team with some added inspiration and support. “I learned a lot, and came in contact with people from different countries and different study programmes,” says Yarlagadda, who was a participant in the 2014 workshop. “And we want to repeat that experience in 2015.” Long-term networking between students and alumni is one of the main goals of the Development Related Postgraduate Programmes, and this is why DAAD provides financial support for the workshops.

Poster_300International experts chosen
The student-organised workshops attract a great deal of interest from around the world, and the three-day event in Oldenburg is no exception.  “We’ve chosen young professionals from over 25 countries for the workshops,” reports Islam proudly, “We paid particular attention to the motivational statements and the professional backgrounds, but also considered their country of origin.”

The event provides ample space for open discussion and encourages participants to interact, engage in conversation and network. Invited experts will also give talks to share relevant know-how and experience. The workshops are as informative as they are diverse. Participants develop sustainable business strategies, and imagine, in an experimental and playful atmosphere, what a sustainable energy future might look like.

Tips for organisers
For workshop organisers, the event is an opportunity not only in terms of content, but as an organisational challenge – a complex project that involves developing the event concept, finding the experts, setting the schedule, and advertising. “We’re supported by DAAD, but the content and organisation are up to us,” explains Yarlagadda. Islam offers a few valuable tips for future workshop organisers: “You should begin planning five months before the event, meet as a team to talk through your ideas, and divide up the responsibilities. Above all, have fun, and everything will be fine.”

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