Welcome to the working world!

Hello, here I come again with a blog about my work. I’m currently working as a Research Officer with the National Agricultural Research Organization in Uganda. My work involves coordinating the implementation of research activities related to non-wood forestry production. We work as a team with other researchers to generate outputs. Together in a team, we try to develop efficient methods for harvesting, processing and utilization of non-wood forest products. Such methods are packaged and disseminated to relevant stakeholders. I’m responsible for identifying research priorities within the environment and natural resource sector and develop research proposals in order to source for funding.

My studies in Germany were quite enriching in both skills and knowledge and prepared me well for my current job. Proposal writing was one aspect that was highly cultivated in our Masters’ course. We had a full module of research methods. Having to read deeply about a subject and presenting it to a knowledgeable audience is part of what you need as a researcher. One requirement of my Master’s programme was seminar papers. We used to write and prepare PowerPoint presentations during seminars. Through this process, our work could be enriched. Aside from the academic merits of the programme, it gave me an opportunity to live and work in an intercultural environment. This is what you need as a researcher to work in a diverse team. Nowadays, some research is undertaken collaboratively.

This work can be highly challenging given the limited budget allocated to research by the government. I also feel that at times the research is not need-based and although results can be useful in future, they may not be highly relevant to the current pressing needs of the impoverished communities.

It isn’t easy to help my country in the way I imagine. But that is another story I’ll save for next time!

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