Knowledge is Power!

One of my major goals is to improve the quality of education in my native country, Yemen. That’s why I studied in Germany at the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University, to learn management and business skills. Now I can pass this knowledge on at home!

The time in Reutlingen was very special for my wife and me. Our first child, Ayia, was born here. We felt at home in Reutlingen and will never forget the friendliness and respect shown us by the people of this country.

At work: Rabea Al-Awbathani © private

At work: Rabea Al-Awbathani © private

I never questioned the fact that I’d return to Yemen. I knew that I could use my new knowledge to make changes in my native country. Just one month after my graduation in 2013, a friend and I established a foundation to deal with education and development. We’ve been quite successful with it. Through this foundation, we’re now operating a large training institute in my home city of Mukalla.

Four months after returning, I applied at Hadhramout University – successfully! I can play an important role here, and that makes my work very exciting. I support my colleagues in the Department of Business Administration by teaching the specialised courses that I had during my studies. I also train businesses and institutes and instruct them in management.

As you see, I’m extremely satisfied with my job – but it didn’t come easy. In my next blog entry, I’d like to tell you more about what it was like to return home and regain a professional foothold here. Don’t miss it!

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