“I appreciated the richness in thought”

How can we build a sustainable world? This question was the focus of the Global Media Forum, recently organised by Deutsche Welle. Five DAAD-scholarship holders joined the program including Danald Kugonza and Maria Angelica Montes. Read their impressions!

The topic of the Global Media Forum was “Culture, education and the media: Shaping a sustainable world”. I was keen to know, first and foremost, how the three would be addressed given their breadth. I wanted to learn more about the role of culture, education and the media in shaping a sustainable world and I was also curious about how education is affected by the media. Aside from this, I was also eager to meet professionals working in the area of media, culture and education and hear about their experiences first-hand.

Overall, all the plenary sessions were very interesting and challenging. I appreciated the richness in thought and the wisdom displayed by each of the participants – they have subsequently influenced my own thinking on the issues. Each conference brings together unique personalities. Coming from a different field, I only stand to benefit from an inspiring pool of experts. Quoting Professor Franz Radermacher: “If you are a winner, certainly you have the power to influence others.” This emphasises the strength we as DAAD scholars have. I believe we are already winners and as such, we have the power to influence others and effect change for the betterment of the world.

Danald Kugonza from Uganda studies International and Development Economics at the HTW-University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

“I liked the dynamic discussions”
I had very few expectations before I arrived at the Global Media Forum since everything was new to me and I didn’t know much about it. I was very curious to hear what the journalists had to say about the world’s most talked about topics. I also went into it expecting to learn communication skills that would help prepare me for my role as a professional in field of natural resources management. What I liked the most was how well everything was organised; the hostess did a great job, the discussions were dynamic and some of the speakers had very important ideas to share.

Maria Angelica Montes from Columbia studies Tropical and International Forestry at the University of Göttingen.