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The Employers’ Perspective
Stephen Obiro works for the Federation of Kenyan Employers and is very familiar with the job market in Kenya, where skilled workers are in short supply and youth unemployment very high. Stephen talks about why he has pinned his hopes on the graduates of international study programmes returning home to Kenya, and what he thinks about their career prospects.

Thomas Chiramba sheds a light on expectations, challenges and chances accompanying reintegration of graduates into local job markets. He is chief of the Freshwater Ecosystems Unit at the United Nations Environmental Programme UNEP and graduated in Regional Science and Spatial Planning at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

DAAD alumni tell of their return home
Norma Ely Santos Beltrão completed her PHD in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development at Justus Liebig University Giessen. She is now an assistant professor at Universidade do Estado do Pará (UEPA) in her home country Brazil. She has gained a lot of new knowledge. How does she apply it in her daily work routine? In the video, she answers this question and also gives some advice on returning home.

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Elizabeth Mosqueda_150_2

Elizabeth Mosqueda made a lot of progress during her International Climate Protection Fellowship – professionally and personally. She shares her experiences and future plans in her latest blog entry.
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Tania_150_privatIn order to be able to effectively combat the climate change in her home region, Tania Guillén is currently doing research in Germany – as a fellow for the “International Climate Protection Program” of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
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Surendra Gautam_Michael Meinhard_150With his work, Surendra Gautam helps Nepalese farmers effectively cultivate their fields and thus escape from poverty. Learn how he does so in his latest blog post.
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Cristina Gregorio_privat_150Megacities such as Manila face big challenges. How can they remain liveable despite their rapid growth? How can they brace themselves against the consequences of climate change? Cristina Gregorio has dedicated herself to these questions – a pursuit which recently led her to Tokyo.
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Blog ‘Back Home’


group-vietnam-workshop_c_daad-hanoi_150Alumni are a source of ideas
Graduates of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) met for the third year – this time at the DAAD Office in Hanoi. Together with employers from the region, they developed ideas for pilot projects to support scholarship holders upon their return home.
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Netzwektreffen_c_Michael Meinhard_150Return: Similar Worries – Joint Solutions
When they think about returning to their home countries, students of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses and the degree courses in the programme Public Policy and Good Governance have many questions: How do I find a job there? What is expected of me? In the search for answers, the DAAD hosted a network meeting in Bonn.
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Reintegrationskurs Teaser_c_Robin Pass_150New courses support re-integration
For many graduates of Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) it can be a challenge to reintegrate into life back home after studying abroad. Special reintegration courses are now available to help ease the transition. The first of its kind was a course offered jointly by TU Dortmund and Ruhr University Bochum.
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Nairobi Workshop_Teaser_AGEPWhat do employers and alumni expect from each other?
Agenda topics at the most recent alumni reintegration workshop in Nairobi included first experiences with career and professional life, employer requirements and ways in which university degree programmes can help facilitate the reintegration process. This time employers also took part in the workshop to contribute their perspective on the matter.
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workshop teaser_Max Moll_150For a Successful Return Home
Learning from those who have succeeded: DAAD alumni from all over the world met in Bonn to talk about their return home and develop recommendations to make returning easier for others in the future.
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Podium_DAFG e.V. _Mohamed El Sauaf_150Jobless despite a university degree?
What kind of graduates does the Arab economy need right now? This question was front and centre for the DAAD scholarship holders from the German-Arab Master’s programmes taking part in the Parliamentary Evening in Berlin.
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Hanoi Science meets practice_DAAD Hanoi_150Back home to Hanoi: Workshop for returning scholarship holders
How should I prepare for my return to my home country? Will I find a job where my new skills will be useful? DAAD alumni and scholarship holders discussed these questions during a workshop in Vietnam.
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netzwerktreffen_bosse_und_meinhard_150Challenge: Returning to the working world
Studying abroad expands knowledge, fosters intercultural understanding and builds character.  Reintegrating into the working world is one of the biggest challenges of the return home.
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Heidelberg_Sven Bratulic_TeaserWho are the “Change Agents”?
To shape and drive transformation processes in their home countries is what all DAAD scholarship holders from developing countries aspire to do. And it’s what DAAD alumni are already achieving. They presented their plans and spoke about their experiences during the “Change Agents – The Faces of Change” conference held in Heidelberg. The event was hosted by DAAD President Margret Wintermantel and Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dirk Niebel.
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DAAD - Netzwerktreffen MillenniumExpress am 30.04.2013 in BonnStarting strong back at home
Investing in the return home after a scholarship abroad makes sense. After all, the next step is all about finding an interesting and engaging way to apply newly-gained knowledge and expertise.  Reintegration, an often undervalued aspect of the scholarship experience, was the focus at this year’s postgraduate course networking event in Bonn.
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