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Anniversary brochure online
Development depends on education. The anniversary brochure “Paths of change” in celebration of DAAD’s unique “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses” programme illustrates how this idea is successfully put into practice. The programme has been funding postgraduate training for professionally experienced specialists and managers from developing and transitional countries for 25 years. Read about the programme’s impressive record of success and the experience of its scholarship holders in the brochure.
The brochure

“Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability”
5–6 November 2010 | Dresden / Tharandt

“A strong Community”


“Inspiring Change Towards a Green Economy”
25–26 February 2011 | Freiburg

Acting in a sustainable manner means giving environmental aspects a place in economic decision making processes. Sounds reasonable. Sadly, it is seldom put into practice. In February students of “Environmental Governance” discussed with top-class speakers and international guests ways in which to change this.

Ulrich Hoffmann: “The Green Economy – For Now The Best Alternative ”

“Inspiration and Exchange”
“Driving change one step at a time”

From the workshop:
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“Planning for Disaster Prone Areas: Approaches, Strategies and Experience from Haiti”
29-30 April 2011 | Technische Universität Dortmund

Whether in Haiti, Pakistan or Japan – natural disasters destroy human lives and large amounts of capital. Every crisis has its lesson, however. In this spirit, the 18 members of the Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies (SPRING) Masters program invite scholars and specialists in the area of disaster management to take part in an international workshop. Working with first-hand reports and case studies, workshop participants will explore potential best practices for emergency disaster situations.

Mark Fleischhauer: “There’s alsways residual risk”
Johannes Horstmann: “Good Planning Can Save Lives”

“We might know a lot, but we don’t seem to learn from it”

From the workshop:
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“German-Arab Cooperation in Development, Business, Culture and Politics”
9–15 Mai 2011 | Berlin

What’s the key to effective decision-making in a pluralistic democratic system? Who needs to be pulled into the process? Scholarship holders from four bi-cultural Masters programmes tackle these questions head on during a DAAD Millennium Express event. For one week, between May 9th and May 15th, they will meet in Berlin and talk with members of parliament and learn how an initiative is grown into a full-blown programme.

Salma Bakr und Martin Haagen: Renewable energies – Just as much needed

“Barriers melt away when people start working together”

From the workshop:
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“Enough Water for All”
16–18 June 2011 | Suderburg

Very few topics are as multifaceted as water. This became clear during the Millennium Express’s fifth stop in northern Germany for the workshop “Enough Water for all”. To turn this claim into reality, engineers must do more than build weirs, dams, irrigation works and canal systems. Social issues also play a significant role in the supply of water.

Amdom Gebremedhin: “It’s all about striking a balance”
Alexandra Pres: “More than just knowing the facts”

What to do with waste water?
“You can talk forever about water”

From the workshop:
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“Energy and Environmental Management”
24–25 Sep. 2011 | Flensburg

Everyone knows: global energy consumption is depleting our forests, polluting the environment and simply cannot continue at this pace. The purpose of the “Millennium Express” event, held in the city of Flensburg in northern Germany, was to strengthen the common resolve to overcome these challenges and gather fresh new ideas for sustainable energy management around the world.

Olav Hohmeyer: “Huge markets for green energy will soon be emerging”
David Mora: “Instability hinders investment”
Torben Rist: “If you want to make the world a better place…”

Business must be bold

From the workshop:
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“Safe food for all – Food Safety & Food Security”
28–29 Februar 2012 | Hannover

No one should go hungry and food should be safe to eat. Fully committed to these goals, the international DAAD scholarship holders used the “Safe food for all – Food Safety & Food Security” workshop that was held in Hanover at the end of February to figure out how to achieve them. In the face of rapid population growth, the world needs more comprehensive solutions in the fight against hunger. The global market demands new strategies for ensuring food security. Four experts provided students with plenty of input and insights during the seventh stop of the Millennium Express.

Eberhard Haunhorst: “Fraud in the food industry on the rise”
Matin Qaim: Beating hunger
Hans-Jörg Jacobsen: Food shortages in Europe as well?

WANTED: Food security for all

From the workshop:
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“Paths of Change: Development through Education – 25th Anniversary Conference”
31 May – 2 June 2012 | Bonn

Passionate, optimistic and full of courage – these are all words to describe the scholarship holders from DAAD’s Development-Related Postgraduate Courses programme as they presented their journey with the Millennium Express at the beginning of the anniversary conference in Bonn. The young individuals are spreading their commitment for a better world to countries around the globe.

Creating a new world
Degree programmes generate new ideas
Setting the stage for a unique encounter: “Science meets School”
Up for auction: The Amazon

When two worlds meet: Inhibitions? Not a chance! The “Science meets School“ workshop brought together DAAD scholarship holders and high school students from Bonn. With “Safe food for all?!” as the focus, the participants discussed issues of food security and nutrition. Watch the video to find out why the workshop was such a hit among high school students and scholarship holders alike.

From the workshop:
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