30 Years of Development-Related Postgraduate Courses – Looking Back, Forward and Inward
The Development-Related Postgraduate Courses produce many successful alumni. During the anniversary year, we’d like to introduce some of them: In 1989, Anil Misra studied the Renewable Energy Use programme at Oldenburg University and has been advancing the use of renewable energies in his native India ever since.
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Multimedia story: Fair chances for all
With two out of 17, equality and empowerment are strongly represented in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. But scholarship holders and alumni of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses want to make sure that they don’t only exist on paper. How do they contribute to ensuring the equal treatment of the genders?
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Taking the Role of Climate Politician
What goes on at international conferences? Why are negotiations frequently so difficult? When is a consensus reached? These questions were the focus of an interactive planning game in Berlin, in which students from five Development-Related Postgraduate Courses simulated a UN Climate Conference.
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Blog ‘Back Home’

Elizabeth Mosqueda_150_2
Elizabeth Mosqueda made a lot of progress during her International Climate Protection Fellowship – professionally and personally. She shares her experiences and future plans in her latest blog entry.
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