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Active Networking Facilitates Return
Studying in Germany is not their only connection. They have a question in common: “How can we succeed upon return?” In fact, this was the topic at the Network Meeting of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) and the degree courses of the Helmut Schmidt Programme. 40 scholarship holders from all over the world came together at the DAAD headquarters in Bonn.
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Networking Remains the Central Topic
For 30 years, the DAAD has been funding Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS), which prepare young professionals from developing countries to shape change in their homelands. In the interview, Head of Section Gabriele von Fircks talks about how the programme and the courses have changed and what will be important in the future.
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Netzwektreffen_c_Michael Meinhard_150Return: Similar Worries – Joint Solutions
When they think about returning to their home countries, students of the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses and the degree courses in the programme Public Policy and Good Governance have many questions: How do I find a job there? What is expected of me? In the search for answers, the DAAD hosted a network meeting in Bonn.
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workshop teaser_Max Moll_150For a Successful Return Home
Learning from those who have succeeded: DAAD alumni from all over the world met in Bonn to talk about their return home and develop recommendations to make returning easier for others in the future.
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Hanoi Science meets practice_DAAD Hanoi_150Back home to Hanoi: Workshop for returning scholarship holders
How should I prepare for my return to my home country? Will I find a job where my new skills will be useful? DAAD alumni and scholarship holders discussed these questions during a workshop in Vietnam.
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ME_Head_Doppelhut_150Millennium Express goes multimedia
In just a few clicks you’ll find captivating interviews, interactive graphics and interesting videos and podcasts.  Take a look at the multi-media alumni tracer study and find out what has become of the graduates from the Development-Related Postgraduate Courses programme.
Multi-media alumni study




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