Sustainable farming

Photo: Moritz Küstner

Photo: Moritz Küstner

The ever-growing human population – and the corresponding demand on food production – presents an enormous challenge for agriculture. Sustainable farming and production practices are the key to addressing this challenge, but in the developing countries, where population growth is often high, farmers have almost no access to new agricultural technologies.

Master’s candidates in the International Horticulture postgraduate degree programme at the Leibniz Universität Hannover will discuss this problem as part of a Millennium Express workshop entitled “Let’s feed the world”.

The workshop will take place from February 27 – 28 at the university. Students in the following postgraduate degree programmes are welcome to attend and join in the discussion:

  • Small Enterprise Promotion and Training – SEPT (University of Leipzig)
  • Agricultural Economics and Rural Development – Doctoral Studies (University of Giessen/ University of Hohenheim)
  • Agricultural Economics – AgEcon (University of Hohenheim)
  • Master in Tropical and International Forestry – (University of Göttingen)
  • Water Resources and Environmental Management – WATENV (Leibniz University Hannover)
  • Master of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Management in Developing countries – SESAM (University of Flensburg)
  • Social and Agriculture Science – Doctoral Studies at the International Center for Development and Decent Work (University of Kassel)

Make sure to sign up soon – space is limited!

About the programme (PDF)

Millennium Express Workshop Hannover 2012 – WANTED: Food security for all