The sustainable energy shift – done right

How should society change, to remain sustainable? How can the economy move beyond the traditional model of economic growth?

Poster Oldenburg bearb_510

Renewable Energy (PPRE) students at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, together with sustainability experts from other development-related postgraduate programmes, as well as renowned scientists, will focus on these questions during the Millennium Express workshop “Sustainability of Renewable Energies & Pathways for Future Society”. The workshop will be held 4 – 6 April at the University of Oldenburg.

Many have high hopes for renewable energies. The energy transition, however, will bring with it profound changes for business and society. Renewable energy can only be successful if communities use it correctly – that means making the shift to renewables a high-priority policy issue, and it means every citizen changing his or her habits as a consumer.

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