“Energy and Environmental Management”
24–25 Sep. 2011 | Flensburg

Olav Hohmeyer: “Huge markets for green energy will soon be emerging”
David Mora: “Instability hinders investment”
Torben Rist: “If you want to make the world a better place…”

Business must be bold

From the workshop:
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Impressions from Flensburg

“The workshop and all the great input it provided absolutely topped off my time in Germany. Perhaps I will even organise a talk show like the one in Flensburg with scientists and members of the business community in Zambia – to stimulate greater exchange in the community on energy issues and provide people with information in a way that is interesting and motivating. I look forward to returning to Africa, but have mixed feelings since I treasure the time here as well. I will definitely stay in contact with all my new friends and colleagues.”

Nkusuwila Silomba completed his Masters programme in “Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries” at the University of Flensburg the day before the workshop. On the evening of the last day of the workshop, he flew back home to Zambia, where he will work for the Ministry of Energy and Water Development.

“I also attended the workshops in Suderburg and Dresden. I was really impressed with the Flensburg Workshop and how it brought together science and business on the issue of clean technologies. That was really exciting. And I was really impressed by the input from David Mora of Commerzbank. Now I finally understand how to successfully pitch a project to a bank.”

Mayra Herrera is enrolled in the Postgraduate Master Course “Utilities and Waste” at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

“The atmosphere in Flensburg was very collegial. It was serious, but comfortable at the same time. We had very intense discussions with each other and exchanged ideas for sustainable energy systems from breakfast time all the way through until dinner. It’s a discussion that will certainly extend beyond the scope of the workshop and continue to be fruitful. The experience really convinced me that one must cross national borders when it comes to energy and that international cooperation is indeed possible.”

Thida Swe from Myanmar is enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde.

Event: Workshop
Participants: Students from the SESAM programme at the University of Flensburg
Program Chair: Prof. Dr. August Schläpfer
Website: flensburgworkshop.de