Flashback: Study trips took me to two other continents


One of the greatest opportunities I benefited from during my MSc programme was the opportunity to visit other countries. Which is one of the reasons why international students are fascinated about studying in the Europe; easy of mobility facilitated by the “EU Shanghai visa”. Though, plans of travelling to Elba in Italy and the love city of Paris were unsuccessful, I had the opportunity of travelling to The Netherlands, Israel and China.

Travelling through Germany kicked off with two weeks field work at the marine field station in Helgoland in the early winter of 2011. My group had a wonderful time while on the island as the program had just started and it was the perfect opportunity of interacting with each other. My next stop was two weeks holiday (winter semester break) in The Hague-Netherland, when I visited my cousins. I had the opportunity of visiting the International Criminal Court (ICC) and UNESCO-IHE, Delft. In addition to these, I visited the city of Bonn, Göttingen and Stuttgart twice for various activities; from visiting of friends, DAAD workshops to conferences.

For photo clips of my trip, above is a couple of exiting pictures taken from several trips I embarked on, coupled into a slideshow.

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